Resonance Ensemble, photo by Krzysztof Penarski

Resonance Ensemble, photo by Krzysztof Penarski

niedziela, 13 lutego 2011

Wacław Zimpel

Wacław Zimpel, photo by Krzysztof Penarski

Wacław Zimpel - clarinetist, composer
He has graduated with mention I.J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań - Poland in prof. Zdzisław Nowak's classical clarinet class. Zimpel studied also at Hochschule Für Musik und Theater in Hannover with prof. Johannes Peitz. His musical ideas are focused on different forms of improvisation and classical music. He has collaborated extensively with major contemporary improvisers and composers, including Ken Vandermark, Bobby Few, Joe McPhee, Steve Cohn, Christian Ramond, Mikołaj Trzaska, Tim Daisy, Steve Swell, Dave Rempis, Klaus Kugel, Marcin Masecki, Raphael Rogiński. His and Tim Daisy's project "Four Walls" was announced "CD of the year 2008" by polish internet jazz magazine "Diapazon".

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